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Tori Amos

Tori Amos

Tori has just released a new album, Strange Little Girls. Currently she's touring the US. End of November she'll go to Europe (and I've got tickets for the concert in Amsterdam on 28 November, yay me!)

You can find all information about the album and the tour on the Official Tori Amos web site, or on the ultimate Tori site A Dent in the Tori Universe.

My two other favorite Tori sites are The T.O.M.B. , which offers full live Tori concerts for downloading, and Tori's Beauty... and a gun, with MP3 files of Tori covers (a capella!).

Kate Bush

Kate Bush

Gaffaweb - A Tribute to Kate Bush and her fans

"Cathy" Home Page

Kate Bush in MP3



Bjork - The Ultimate Intimate

It's Oh So Quiet

Monique Sommer :-)


Monique isn't that well known yet, but that will undoubtly change in the near future. According to Intermediair magazine she is 'iemand die in de harde techniek haar mannetje staat, maar tegelijkertijd met bezieling wil werken aan de vermenselijking van techniek' (<- ok, that's Dutch, anyone to translate it?)

Go here to read more about Monie (in Dutch, sorry).

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Last updated on: 22 October 2001.